Professional mobile massage therapy

Professional therapeutic mobile massage conveniently in the comfort of your home or workplace in Hastings, St Leonards and surrounding area. Therapeutic massage involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body.

Massage at home

Massage relaxes the soft tissues of the body to help recovery from physical soreness or injury. Massage is also beneficial for improving mood. Having the treatment at home means you can comfortably enjoy the benefits for longer. Massage at home is usually performed on a table and lasts one hour.

Massage at work

All the benefits of massage conveniently in your place of work. Massage at work targets neck, shoulders and arms concentrating on any problem areas you may have, for example issues arising from static work stations and repetitive strain injuries. Massage at work is performed on a chair.


Yoga offers a low impact way to increase flexibility and reduce stress. Yoga connects your breathing with movement, enhancing mood and encouraging physical and mental well-being. It is an ancient form of exercise which can be adapted for everyone. Proper relaxation is a key part of yoga and I can show you how.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage targets physical aches and pains, locating and releasing knots or ‘trigger points’ in the muscles and connective tissue.

Massage has been proven to relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance psychological wellbeing.

During the massage blood flow to the soft tissues is increased bringing fresh nutrients in exchange for waste products including lactic acid. This is why many professional sports teams incorporate massage therapy to aid physical recovery from training and competition.

In addition, the sensation of touch stimulates receptors in the skin which increases the body’s levels of oxytocin and serotonin. This results in lower stress levels, increased feelings of relaxation, and positively elevated mood. Touch enhances good social and emotional functioning.

Massage is good for conditions of anxiety or depression and all round mental health.

It’s my personal belief that the mental health benefits of massage are among the most positive and enduring.

Massage at Home

Receive mobile massage therapy in the comfort of your home in Hastings, St Leonards and surrounding area.

The massage is performed on a table, using light natural oils. The table has a heated blanket and the client remains warm and comfortable at all time. Table massage utilises hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, aid recovery and promote psychological wellbeing.

I have considerable experience providing table massage to sports people including cyclists, runners, golfers, footballers and triathletes.

I have experience treating low back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and repetitive strain injurie in addition to many other musculoskeletal issues arising from work or sport.

Touch, and the sense of being cared for during professional massage can be nourishing and revitalising during periods of grief, illness or as a tonic for the blues.

Receiving massage in the comfort of your own home means you can enjoy the benefits of relaxation for longer, without the need to travel or leave home.

The massage costs £40 and lasts one hour.

Massage at Work

Chair massage targets neck, shoulders back, and arms, concentrating on any problem areas you may have.

Aches and pains arising from work, posture, repetitive strain injuries, static work stations, or commuting can all benefit from massage.

Chair massage uses kneading, wringing and pressing techniques performed over the clothing. There is no need to undress and no oils are used.

The massage increases blood flow to the skin, muscles, tendons and connective tissue, bringing physical relief from symptoms and enhancing psychological wellbeing.

  • No need to change or remove clothing
  • Upright seated position is comfortable
  • Short treatment times fit conveniently into working day

Chair massage is popular with staff

Incorporating chair massage is a cost effective way of caring for staff. Chair massage is a natural and reliable way of reducing staff stress and is easily achieved within short individual sessions. Chair massage is popular, and staff will feel valued and respond positively. The reduction in stress levels promotes individual health and wellbeing in addition to enhancing the work environment.

Free no obligation demonstration available.

£40/ hour minimum of two hours booking is required.


About myself

Brent first became interested in massage as a competitive road cyclist in his native New Zealand.

Starting in London in 2002 he has worked with community groups, corporations and in private practice using massage to support and care for others. See clients past and present. He continues to receive regular massage as part of his own physical and mental wellbeing.

Since 2006 he has taught weekly yoga classes for  the NHS to prisoners and staff at HMP Pentonville, London. He is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and has completed additional training in mindfulness and yoga for trauma.

Brent is a massage therapist for the Sara Lee Trust, a charity supporting people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses in Hastings and Rother.

Brent is a member of the Guild of Complementary practitioners and British Wheel of Yoga and abides by their ethical standards. He has enhanced DBS clearance for working with vulnerable persons.

Brent has a private practice in Hastings Old Town and is available for some home visits.

Originally from New Zealand, he now lives in St Leonard’s on Sea with his wife and two daughters.